Daring to Date Again, her first book, tells what happened when, after two divorces and twelve years of celibacy, Ann begins to date again.

“When a sixty-year-old, twice-divorced woman starts to date again, she’s not pinning her hopes on an invitation to the prom. She is financially stable and professionally credentialed. She is a matriarch, a pillar of her church, a member of a choir. She has children and neighbors who might disapprove. She has a lot at stake.”  She is full of trepidation—what if she should make another horrible romantic mistake!?!? Her best friend tells her “Make it a research project. Date a hundred men.” Her “research” puts her into contact with young men, old men, married men, crazy men, beloved men, and leads her to experiment, and to question all the rules she had lived by.

Reviewers have called it an “adventurous romp,” a “compelling tale” that is “lively, witty, achingly honest,” and “well crafted.” One review called it “a manual for sexy, smart people of a certain age, of either sex.”


Silver Medal at the Independent Publishers Book Awards (2016)

Finalist, NextGeneration Indie Publishers Awards (2016)

Finalist, International Book Awards (2016)

Ann Anderson Evans

Daring to Date Again