Ann has appeared on television (Discovery Channel), radio (NPR), and podcasts (JenningsWire). She is currently available for media appearances (TV, radio, print, and online). Ann shares her experiences and insights using a well-traveled lifetime and a sense of humor and joy.

Topics Ann is most interested in discussing:

  • What Makes a Memoir Tick?
  • What Does the Writer Get Out of Writing a Memoir?
  • How Did You Learn Your Husband Was Transgender?
  • Do You Consider Yourself a Feminist?
  • When Did You First Identify Yourself as a Writer?
  • You’re Also a Linguist. How Do You Use Those Studies in Your Writing?
  • You Lived Abroad for Many Years. How Did That Change Your Life?
  • What’s It Like Being Over Sixty?
  • What People Have Influenced You? In What Way?
  • You’ve Been Married Three Times. Has Your View of Marriage Changed Over the Years?
  • Do You Want to Talk About Sex?
  • Why Do You Live in Vermont?
  • Have You Ever Defined Your Lifetime Goals?

Recent appearances

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