Ann Anderson Evans

Ann Anderson Evans’s memoir, DARING TO DATE AGAIN (SheWrites Press, 2014) won multiple awards.* When a 60-ear old woman starts to date again (after two divorces), she’s not governed by the rules she knew as a younger woman. But what are the rules?  Her adventures take her into strange places and halfway across the world. She listens to the stories of hundreds of men, meets some for coffee, talks on the phone or exchanges emails, and has relationships with a few of them. She realizes that the world she thought existed was not like that at all.

Other work has been published in Pulse, Phantasmagoria, Forge, Under the Sun, Ozone Park Journal, Phoebe, The Raven’s Perch, Words & Images, Pedagogy, academic journals, Kindle, and others. Ann has an active blog ( and a strong social media presence.

Her next memoir, THE SWEET PAIN OF BEING ALIVE, is being marketed now. It is a search for the deep secrets that caused her beloved husband Terry to take his own life. Along the way, her views on suicide, marriage, sex, right and wrong, good and bad, changed.

She’s finishing up a third leg to her memoir trilogy with RAISED TO BE SOMEBODY’S WIFE. As a child, Ann, like her friends, had no future ahead of her other than marriage, and when she hadn’t managed to marry by the time her friends were having babies, she left America to see how things were done in other countries and lived in Spain, Israel, Italy, and Greece. Like Isabel Archer in Henry James’s book THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY, her trusting American nature proved no match for the more conspiratorial nature of older cultures. But she does get married!

She has an MA in English and a BA in Spanish/French from New York University, and an MA in Linguistics from Montclair State University. Languages have always fascinated her and she speaks six of them: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Greek. 

Ann lives in Vermont and Hoboken, NJ, and has close ties to Austria.

* Independent Publishers Award, NextGeneration Indie Publishers Award, International Book Award (2016)