Ann Anderson Evans

Ann Anderson Evans’s memoir, DARING TO DATE AGAIN (SheWrites Press, 2014) won multiple awards.* Other work has been published in Pulse, Phantasmagoria, Forge, Under the Sun, Ozone Park Journal, Phoebe, The Raven’s Perch, Words & Images, academic journals, and Kindle. Ann has an active blog ( and a strong social media presence.

Her first piece was published in 1952, when she was in fifth grade. It involved an unfortunate rabbit. After that, life intervened, and she didn’t get back to writing until she was in her mid 40s, but life intervened again. She started writing every day in 2003.

She left her job as a legal secretary and was hired as a professor of first-year writing at Montclair State University when she was 64. Her first memoir, DARING TO DATE AGAIN, was published when she was 72. 

After tending to the exigencies of daily life—raising children, working overtime— her creative energy is now issuing forth in concentrated form. She never has writer’s block! “I’ve waited too long for this. Nothing can stop me now.”

She has MAs in English from New York University, and in Linguistics from Montclair State University. She speaks six languages and has lived and worked in several countries.

Her next book, MORE THAN A LADY, is being marketed now.

* Independent Publishers Award, NextGeneration Indie Publishers Award, International Book Award (2016)