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“I predicted that the pain would persist for a while, but neither of us would feed on it. We would both try to rise above it and get on with our lives, he faster than I.”

“I’d prefer to have a man doll himself up in lingerie every night than come home drunk.”

“I knew about the siren songs, abysses, bewitching spells, and strange monsters out there, but they sank out of sight in the fulfillment of my homecoming.”

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“After living in five countries, getting four college degrees, marrying three husbands, having two children, and crashing into a few catastrophes, I keep in mind two mottos, one is from chess “There’s always a way,” and the other is from a Buddhist prayer, “Don’t squander your life.” Put them together and move ahead.”

Ann Anderson Evans is made of what she has been: professor, troubadour, teacher of ESL, business owner, wanderer, Christian Scientist, Episcopalian, Unitarian-Universalist, student, linguist, accomplished cook, swimmer, legal secretary, farm hand, wife, wife again, wife again, twice a mother. Today, she’s a writer, a Buddhist, a gardener, a book reviewer, a pickleball player. Her adventures are mostly literary.

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The ”consumer comes last” philosophy is joining with AI to create an environment of constant, toxic threat to our mental, financial, and emotional well-being. Who is going to protect us?

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ON ANIMALS, by Susan Orlean

This book will make you smile and hug your dog (or cat, or chicken, or pigeon, or goat, or tiger….whatever).

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SOMETIMES A BOOK IS LIFE, NOT ART. “A Mother Silenced,” by T. K. Ann

I met T. K. Ann, the author of A SILENCED MOTHER, while having a pedicure. We got talking and realized we’d shared a lot of awful experiences involving our children and ourselves. She said she’d written a book, and I ordered it on Amazon. From the first page, it is obvious that T. K. didContinue reading “SOMETIMES A BOOK IS LIFE, NOT ART. “A Mother Silenced,” by T. K. Ann”

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