Daring to Date Again
A witty, wise memoir.
- Christina Baker Kline
…funny and introspective, filled with compassion and written without an ounce of affectation or disingenuousness.… Her explorations are illuminating. They’re also a kick, with a surprisingly uplifting effect.
- Kirkus Reviews

Woman of The world author, teacher

Ann Anderson Evans

Ann was raised with the domestic skills and good manners to be someone’s wife. By the time she got her M.A. in English from New York University in 1964, she still had not found a husband; quite the contrary, romantic disappointments left her rebellious, curious, and in need of a career.

Warmed and informed by a trip to Italy when she was a teenager, she returned to Europe to expand her linguistic abilities, and to test the rules and expectations she had always lived by. Were they arbitrary, or was there a right way to live, and a wrong way?

Ann’s Biography