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“Stark, unflinching, intensely personal, and powerfully written. ” – Joan Price, author of Sex After Grief: Navigating Your Sexuality After Losing Your Beloved

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The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning memoir, Daring to Date Again (She Writes Press, 2014)

“This book reveals a widow’s gut-wrenching process of scrutiny…This is compelling reading.” – Leslie Hilburn Fabian, Author of My Husband’s a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love

“An important contribution…Thousands of wives and partners will find similarities in Ann’s story including the same unanswered questions.” – Reverend Terry Cummimgs


“I predicted that the pain would persist for a while, but neither of us would feed on it. We would both try to rise above it and get on with our lives, he faster than I.”

“I’d prefer to have a man doll himself up in lingerie every night than come home drunk.”

“I knew about the siren songs, abysses, bewitching spells, and strange monsters out there, but they sank out of sight in the fulfillment of my homecoming.”


DARING TO DATE AGAIN (SheWrites Press, 2014) won multiple awards.* It tells the story of what happened when she started to date again at 60. She’s not governed by the rules she knew as a younger woman, but what are the rules? Her adventures take her into strange places and halfway across the world. The world she thought existed was different than what she expected. The audio book is narrated by the author.

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THE SWEET PAIN OF BEING ALIVE. Ann didn’t think much about secrets until she woke up one morning and found her husband Terry dead of suicide. They were both healthy and seemingly happy, so she was blindsided. As she made her way toward uncovering the reason why he had left this life, she changed the way she viewed gender, sex, marriage, right, wrong, good, and bad.

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Memoir Trilogy, Book III

THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY, pays homage to Henry James’s book of the same name. As a child, Ann, like her friends, had no future ahead of her other than marriage, and when she hasn’t managed to marry by the time her friends were having babies, she left America to see how things were done in other countries and lived for eleven years in Spain, Israel, Italy, and Greece. Like James’s protagonist, Isabel Archer, her trusting American nature proves no match for the more conspiratorial nature of older cultures. She returns home a more seasoned and sophisticated woman.

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