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Eighty-One and on

I’ll leave it to readers to react to this post in their own ways.

Limerence, the Insanity of Crushes

No shroud can erase our romantic fantasies.

Long Live Menopause!

It’s a second chance at life. Long live menopause!

MAY-DECEMBER (lose the Cougar)

In 2003, the very beginning of online dating, I created my profile as a wild experiment. I posted an up-to-date photo and my true age, 60. Most of the men who contacted me spoke in tongues about what they wanted, but Ken, a 37-year-old policeman was clear. He wanted a “friend with benefits” I askedContinue reading “MAY-DECEMBER (lose the Cougar)”

Fiction and Non-fiction: Spinning Facts Into Gold

When I began writing my first memoir I was under the impression that other people would find my story spellbinding—woman begins dating again after two divorces, discovers that dating at 60 is not like dating at 18. I was wrong. My first critics, though kind, were bored. Elmore Leonard’s writing advice, “Just cut out theContinue reading “Fiction and Non-fiction: Spinning Facts Into Gold”

Blue Angels: Times When I Needed a Policeman

Once, I misread a sign directing cars around a construction site and found myself driving against an empty oncoming traffic lane, the only one available to me, at least as I had interpreted the sign. When I saw the flashing red light of a police car behind me, I realized I might have made aContinue reading “Blue Angels: Times When I Needed a Policeman”

Managing Grief and Loss Over the Holidays

Ways to handle holiday grief: avoid anticipatory grief, serve others, embrace a larger context, make it a time of memorial and mourning.

Vladimir Nabokov’s PNIN

On vacation, I always try to fill a hole in my literary knowledge by bringing along a book I aspired to read. This time it was Nabokov and Alice and Wonderland. The only Nabokov I had was a yellowed, or rather browned, version of a book I’d never heard of, Pnin, 1957 edition. The coverContinue reading “Vladimir Nabokov’s PNIN”


Flippant “woke” judgments are as dangerous to our union as the superficial judgments made by racists ad embittered patriarchs.