• Excerpt from Blue Highways

    Excerpt from Blue Highways

    William Least Heat Moon is the modern deTocqueville, traveling the country, observing America. The next few posts will be short excerpts from his book BLUE HIGHWAYS, published in 1982, called by some, including me, a masterpiece. Moon avoids main highways, and tiring of the desert, decides to… Read More
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  • Story Time: Child of God

    Story Time: Child of God

    “When somebody has a heart condition or cancer, the whole neighborhood doesn’t change! They might bring food or sit with somebody, but they don’t have to worry about whether the children are safe and they don’t have to watch him suffering in public!” Read More
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  • Making Your Own Memorial

    Making Your Own Memorial

    Those of you who knew Terry Stoeckert—his students, colleagues, friends, family, residents of our apartment house, where he lived for 40 years, know we lost a good, very smart, generous, and loving man. Read More
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  • Review: My Brilliant Friends & the Neapolitan Quartet

    Review: My Brilliant Friends & the Neapolitan Quartet

    The scorching eye of Ferrante does not spare us the pain – “pain” is not the right word. Pain is sharp, localized. The poverty in this book is the relentless force of the rack, slowly tearing apart normality, perpetrated by the victims as fully as the torturers. Nobody escapes responsibility in this book. Read More
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  • Review: Old Filth

    Review: Old Filth

    Edward Feathers, known as Old Filth (it is said that he invented the term F-ail I-n L-ondon, T-ry, H-ong K-ong), or Dear Old Filth in his dotage, is the epitome of the British character, stiff upper lip, impeccably and appropriately dressed, reliably well mannered, takes his licks without complaint,… Read More
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