• The Dogs of Argentina

    The Dogs of Argentina

    Just watching the dogs of Argentina freed my soul. In the park yesterday, near the lake, my daughter and I sat on a bench and watched the dogs play, unleashed. They tussled over palm fronds, tried to take the ball out of each other’s mouth, raced each other for the… Read More
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  • Review: The Order of the Day

    Review: The Order of the Day

    THE ORDER OF THE DAY pretends to be about February 20, 1933, the day when a clique of twenty-four of Germany’s wealthiest businessmen agreed to fund the nearly bankrupt Nazi party, but the book is a modern warning not to entrust matters of state to powerful and wealthy businessmen whose very success depends upon flexible morals and a spiritual vacuum. Read More
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  • Is Sixty Too Old to Climb a New Mountain?

    Is Sixty Too Old to Climb a New Mountain?

    When I was 60 years old, seven of us decided to climb Blue Mountain in the Adirondacks. I’d done it before and wasn’t too enthusiastic, but here was a challenge. Could I still do it? Rock climbing isn’t my favorite activity, but what else would I do that… Read More
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  • Middle School Short Story Contest

    Middle School Short Story Contest

    My fellow members of the Board of Friends of Anderson Park (in Montclair, New Jersey) and I decided to run a short story contest for Montclair’s middle schoolers. The story should be 2000 words or less, and had to somehow involve Anderson Park. There were doubters—”Oh the kids are just… Read More
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  • Dear Parkland

    Dear Parkland

    Dear Parkland…and all the others: There’s a peculiar notion afoot that only survivors and experts can write about important issues, but I take exception to that. I was not present in Parkland or in Sandy Hook and have never seen up close a child bleeding to death with a gaping… Read More
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