Events / Workshops

Ann is an engaging and experienced public speaker who brings with her a humorous and observant worldview and joy in her audience. She is a skilled reader, and has a voice made for radio



The Author’s Show, August 8, 2016:

ArtistFirst, July 12016: (1 hour)

KGUA, Gualala, California, June, 2016: (1 hour, begin to listen at 16 minutes)

Jenningswire: 6/7/2016

Author’s Corner, NPR, April, 2015

Beyond Fifty Radio: Daniel Davis

Kim Power Stilson

Donna Seebo Show,, #194, January, 2015

Michael Dresser Show, November, 24, 2014


Tucson Festival of Books, March 2015, featured on two panels


Interviewed on the Discovery Channel’s Sex In America special, 2015


A selected list of readings:
Little City Books, Hoboken, NJ, with Min Jin Lee

The KGB Bar, New York, NY

The Hudson School, Hoboken, NJ

Live Lit, Montclair State University: read several times.

Symposia Bookstore, Hoboken, NJ

…and other bookstore appearances.



Ann has several hundred posts on her blog, found at She writes about reinventing yourself, setting the rules, breaking out of your comfort zone, and the pleasures of life.

Workshops Offered

Ann was a founding member of the contemplative pedagogy initiative at Montclair State University where she taught freshman writing for eight years. She devised unique teaching methods using meditation and a focus on personal experience or belief, and uses these in her workshops.


As part of a club’s reading of DARING TO DATE AGAIN, Ann offers a two-hour workshop featuring a short reading from the book, light analysis of what makes a memoir work, and the writing and sharing of short memoir pieces written by members of the club. Super fun!


This workshop last three hours. 5-15 participants

  • Meditation exercises access memory, soften peaks and valleys of memory, and develop sensory impressions
  • Movement exercises increase writing comfort
  • Writing exercises sharpen technique
  • Suitable for reading clubs, libraries, bookstores, classrooms



This three-hour workshop adds a kinetic element to the usually sedentary activity of writing. 5-15 participants:

  • Walking meditations clear the mind, sharpen powers of observation, and encourage reflection on an assigned task or issue
  • Introduction to exercises that can be done in a small space:
  • Restore circulation in legs and feet
  • Open the chest which is often constricted when sitting at a desk
  • Stretch and refresh hands and fingers
  • Restore range of motion of the eyes
  • Move the muscles of the upper body out of their static position
  • Short writing exercises transfer meditation into story

Suitable for individuals, classes, reading or writing groups, or bookstore venues

Previous workshops given at:

  • Putney Public Library, Putney, VVT
  • Greenville Branch of Jersey City Library, Jersey City, NJ
  • Bloomfield Public Library, Bloomfield, NJ
  • Hoboken Public Library, Hoboken, NJ
  • Montclair Public Library, Montclair, NJ
  • Write Action, Brattleboro, VT