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Teddy Bears and Cossacks

“Every woman needs a teddy bear and a Cossack.”  A 70 year old old Danish woman friend quoted an even older Danish woman when I gave her the following riddle to solve.
Both men are your age, mid-60’s.
One man is always thinking of ways to please you.  He is generous, affectionate, remembers your birthday, drives long distances to pick you up.  He is extremely well read, loves ballet, theatre, good food.  He listens to you play the piano, tell your stories, cry.  He is tall, overweight and soft-muscled, ordinary looking, a willing but unexciting lover.  He is well rewarded at his job, has never been married (though has had a long relationship), and wants you.
The other man is terribly busy, rarely has time to chat.  Even when you are together you don’t chat much, which is fine.  His efforts have paid off – he’s rich.  He collects art, and I mean Art.  He is tall, thin, elegant, good looking, tidy to a fault, well dressed, charming.  He can be unpleasant.  He doesn’t call often.  He excites and pleases you as no lover ever has.  He is divorced, with two grown children, terrified of commitment and will go no further than to look at you lovingly, with the thought “What am I going to do with this woman?” telegraphed from his eyes.
Which one would you choose? The Teddy Bear or the Cossack?