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The World's Suicide Pacts

Many people in the world have entered into a suicide pact.
The people who choose not to believe in global warming cruise along, buoyed by the fact that lots of people will be boiling to death with them.
The British have supported the Brexit. An NPR reporter interviewed a couple in a pub near London. Her husband was Remain, and she was Leave. She said, “Switzerland has made a go of it, I don’t see why we can’t, too.” Her husband said, “Canada has been trying to make a go of it on its own, and that hasn’t worked so well.” “They are not as smart as we are.” May she roast in hell.
The Brexit is a massive repudiation of diplomacy, negotiation, peace. Maybe humans are indeed made to tear each other apart, as Europe has been doing for millennia. The EU made some horrible decisions, like expanding way past their citizens’ ability to tolerate each other, but it was a growing entity which would possibly have prevented future wars.
The Republican party has made a suicide pact with Donald Trump. Suddenly, I fantasize myself in November, looking at the election results showing Donald Trump heading toward victory, meaning that all of America has joined the Republicans in the suicide pact.
The odd thing is how happy those who have joined these pacts are. Like the profoundly depressed, they look forward to their demise with anticipation, even ecstasy. The pain of dying becomes more tolerable than the pain of living.
I ask myself what a person who wants to survive and thrive does in this suicidal world.
Are we lemmings?