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Is This All You've Got?

Now, Colbert, Noah, Bee, Maher, Collins, Dowd, and all the others, let’s see if you can be brilliant enough to take our minds off of the Trump theatrics. We are addicted and we need effective rehab.
The facts of the little dramas get rehashed – the guy with an assault rifle walking into a pizza joint, the weird phone calls….  I hear about each flashy, unproductive spasm in the newspaper, then on the radio, then on each of the late night comedy shows, which I usually watch the next day. It become a real test of journalism and comedy — which entertainer can make the best case about a tale without substance — Ivanka sitting in with the Japanese prime minister, how much can you say about that? The problem is obvious.
Is there nothing else to talk about? What about John Kerry?  Where is he? What does Hillary have to say about all this – I saw on Facebook that she has taken a walk in the woods. How do you ever get over such a defeat? The Metropolitan Opera has produced its first opera written by a woman in a century or so. Tiger Woods is back. The president of South Korea is cowering in her palace or wherever she lives, awaiting impeachment.  Brazil is liquefying with corruption. The Russian athletic doping scandal is plenty juicy. The Dakota pipeline protesters won what might be a fleeting victory, they are dancing and praying and flying drones.  Where are these stories?  Is Donald Trump all we can talk about?
This kind of publicity, even if it is ridicule, is how he plans to govern, and our entertainers and commentators are buying in.
Come on guys, let’s see what you’ve really got.