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Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Miriam

I graduated from Montclair High School in 1959, and here are the stories of two women who graduated around the same time – both of them became pregnant shortly after high school and gave up their babies for adoption.  The first story is about a childhood friend, Miriam. As young girls, Miriam and I gallopedContinue reading “Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Miriam”

The Abortion Decision: A Christian woman decides

The abortion decision of a religiously conservative woman is not simple.  This is a decision she will never be able to take back, so she will want to get it right.  For a woman raised in the uncompromisingly anti-abortion atmosphere of conservative Christianity and Catholicism, the number of churches that support abortion rights might beContinue reading “The Abortion Decision: A Christian woman decides”