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Abortion in Austria

In the 1920s there was a severe housing shortage in Vienna, and when my friend Mariella’s parents got married, they could find no place to live. So they moved in with the husband’s mother, who specified that while they could live with her, but there could be no children. The new wife got pregnant, andContinue reading “Abortion in Austria”

Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Susan

Giving Up Baby – Susan   Some of my women freshman students at Montclair State University chose abortion as the subject for one of their essays. As glibly as saying you can get takeout when you don’t feel like cooking, my students advised women in a crisis pregnancy to consider giving their babies up forContinue reading “Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Susan”

Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Miriam

I graduated from Montclair High School in 1959, and here are the stories of two women who graduated around the same time – both of them became pregnant shortly after high school and gave up their babies for adoption.  The first story is about a childhood friend, Miriam. As young girls, Miriam and I gallopedContinue reading “Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Miriam”