Dear Parkland…and all the others: There’s a peculiar notion afoot that only survivors and experts can write about important issues, but I take exception to… Read More

No More Grumbling!!

I put my hand on Brad’s shoulder and said, “Just in case you thought that white people don’t notice this sort of thing, aren’t bothered by it, I want you to know I noticed.”  Read More

We hold the trump card

Donald Trump is easy to figure out – many of us have known, or heaven forbid, had to work with, a sly, uninformed, vengeful, and narcissistic bully with a bunch of college degrees. Our reaction to him is what we have to watch. Read More

Weehawken Traffic Court

I’m an old white lady. They’re not going to shoot me, probably. But black men have been pulled over and subsequently shot for a malfunctioning headlight, or, like Trayvon Martin, for nothing at all. Read More