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When I was sixty, seven of us decided to climb Blue Mountain in the Adirondacks. I’d done it before and wasn’t too enthusiastic—climbing mountains does not bring me joy— but here was a challenge. Could I still do it? What better to do on that particular day? Our group assembled at the trailhead: four adults,Continue reading “IS SIXTY TOO OLD TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN?”

Why I don't smoke pot

A few years ago I was in a taxi with my cousin and he screwed up his nose and said, “Whew! This place smells of pot.” “So that’s what pot smells like.” “You’ve never smoked pot?” “Nope.” “I don’t believe you.” We are about the same age, but I was a “back to nature” hippy, notContinue reading “Why I don't smoke pot”

The Secret of Life

Georgie floats like a cork on life. She says, “I don’t remember any of those things. I just get up every morning and say my prayers to thank God that I am here. I take one day at a time. I don’t worry.” That’s as deep as it gets.
Maybe Georgie knows the secret of life. If so, I am not going to survive to 102.