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OK Cupid Is Entertaining and Saves You Time

OK Cupid wastes less of your precious time learning attributes and preferences that you might not get to for a long time on a connection you make on


friends Kit and Julian were married for 64 years. When Kit died after years of decline from Alzheimer’s, their friends wondered how Julian would manage. At her memorial service I couldn’t stop the tears when I embraced him, a prince of a man. Julian took care of Kit at home until it became too muchContinue reading “IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH: 64 YEARS OF MARRIAGE”

Going public

Yesterday I read the opening pages of my book to about 200 students and faculty at my university. I was heartened by the number of times the audience laughed out loud. When talking about sex, humor takes the edge off. But I had to step back before I chose to take this reading opportunity toContinue reading “Going public”

Commission a portrait?

Shall I commission a portrait? Who am I?  The Queen of England?   Meeting Mia, what she said.  I loved seeing her process, and it was fun. Meet my great great grandfather, Charles Gayler, a successful and famous playwright of the mid-18th century. He looks down on me at my desk, reminding me of aContinue reading “Commission a portrait?”