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Is Sixty Too Old to Climb a New Mountain?

When I was 60 years old, seven of us decided to climb Blue Mountain in the Adirondacks. I’d done it before and wasn’t too enthusiastic, but here was a challenge. Could I still do it? Rock climbing isn’t my favorite activity, but what else would I do that day? Sit at home and read aContinue reading “Is Sixty Too Old to Climb a New Mountain?”

The Secret of Life

Georgie floats like a cork on life. She says, “I don’t remember any of those things. I just get up every morning and say my prayers to thank God that I am here. I take one day at a time. I don’t worry.” That’s as deep as it gets.
Maybe Georgie knows the secret of life. If so, I am not going to survive to 102.

Tragedy all around

Yoga evens you out and strengthens you, but more importantly, meditation (which simply means sitting there and breathing) invites strength and balance to deal with tragedy and pessimism. So what is the pessimism of the day?  Global warming, which threatens our very existence, the unexpected accidental death of an extraordinary person you know, the massContinue reading “Tragedy all around”

Husbands and crutches

I just hobbled to my desk, hugging two crutches under my left arm so I could carry a mug of hot tea in my right hand.  I broke tiny bones in my foot and this is what I am reduced to. Fifteen years ago I badly sprained my ankle and had to commute to theContinue reading “Husbands and crutches”

Doing Yoga in California

My husband and I were meandering up scenic Route 1, soaking up the shoreline and coastal hills of California, when we saw a sign Dillon Beach and decided to drive there.  It was quite a long way, out of cell phone contact. The first thing we saw was a gaggle of rundown trailers with roomContinue reading “Doing Yoga in California”