2-Minute Exercises for Screen Slaves: Breathe

Staring at a screen for along time, the chest naturally relaxes inward, restricting your breathing. These breathing exercises will introduce a rush of oxygen which will reinvigorate you if you're tired, and the single nostril breathing is remarkably calming. Read More

Scenes from France

    Living in France was lovely, at least for ten days. I spoke French, ate and shopped French, and drove French. We ate foie… Read More

Insomnia Overcome

A lot of my writing is done in my sleep – I wake up in the morning with the resolution of a challenge, a few choice words, a title to something, an idea for a new project, whatever. Read More

My Four Rules for 2016

This afternoon I went to a restorative yoga session . Perhaps I was meant to be listening to my breath during the meditations, but instead I came out of it with four rules for the new year. Protect myself Do my job Seek moments in which to receive and to give kindness Seek new experiences In that order. Read More