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Fiction and Non-fiction: Spinning Facts Into Gold

When I began writing my first memoir I was under the impression that other people would find my story spellbinding—woman begins dating again after two divorces, discovers that dating at 60 is not like dating at 18. I was wrong. My first critics, though kind, were bored. Elmore Leonard’s writing advice, “Just cut out theContinue reading “Fiction and Non-fiction: Spinning Facts Into Gold”


People from total strangers to close friends often say, “It must have been cathartic to write the book,” or “It must have been sad to write the book. Did you cry a lot?” The answer to both questions is no.

How To Write A Family Memoir

Anyone interested in writing a family memoir would be well advised to follow Cherington’s progress in writing the book, as she allows the reader to do.

Lisa Romeo Writes

When I was facing some stubborn obstacles writing my book, Lisa Romeo coached me through them and made me a stronger, more skilled writer.  She teaches and coaches other writers as well, and writes delightful, touching essays herself.  When she invited me to write a guest post on her blog, Lisa Romeo Writes, which gives “Tips, advice, andContinue reading “Lisa Romeo Writes”