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Plagiarism — why I like it just a little bit

This is an unethical practice, but the business world is full of unethical practices. It is up to me to figure out a way to circumvent them.

A Dagger to the Heart of Roe v. Wade

The social network supporting the right to abortion was frayed from the beginning. The first sign of danger was when doctors caved to pressure from religionists to ban abortion in individual hospitals, thus forcing reproductive services into separate clinics vulnerable to protesters and gunmen.

Abortion in Austria

In the 1920s there was a severe housing shortage in Vienna, and when my friend Mariella’s parents got married, they could find no place to live. So they moved in with the husband’s mother, who specified that while they could live with her, but there could be no children. The new wife got pregnant, andContinue reading “Abortion in Austria”

Teenagers Dating in Austria

The sexual landscape in Austria is interesting. It seems quite typical of several European countries, but I have recently had the opportunity to hear about that particular country on an extended visit there. Birth control supplies are discounted for young people up to the age of 21, then they become more expensive. Yes, teenagers getContinue reading “Teenagers Dating in Austria”

Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Susan

Giving Up Baby – Susan   Some of my women freshman students at Montclair State University chose abortion as the subject for one of their essays. As glibly as saying you can get takeout when you don’t feel like cooking, my students advised women in a crisis pregnancy to consider giving their babies up forContinue reading “Giving Up Baby – Montclair Stories – Susan”