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Just watching the dogs of Argentina freed my soul. In the park yesterday, near the lake, my daughter and I sat on a bench and watched the dogs play, unleashed. They tussled over palm fronds, tried to take the ball out of each other’s mouth, raced each other for the stick thrown into the water,Continue reading “IN ARGENTINA: Dogs”

Scenes from France

    Living in France was lovely, at least for ten days. I spoke French, ate and shopped French, and drove French. We ate foie gras, elaborate desserts, fried foods, butter, fragrant cheese; for breakfast we had croissants, and the occasional pastry. And we each lost two pounds. Terry says, “You know that book, WhyContinue reading “Scenes from France”

Traveling in Arizona: Prisons

Out in the middle of the desert – what was that? We drove closer and saw it was a prison. Wow. That’s a lot of prisoners. Building after long white building. This complex is run by the Corrections Corporation of America. It looks all spanky white and clean on the outside, like an outpost on Mars which contains its whole life inside its bubble.


The words “addict” and “greatest actor” don’t go together comfortably in our minds. Addicts are down and out, they’re criminals, you don’t want to be around them. They’re dirty and dangerous. But then, there’s Philip Seymour Hoffman. Years ago, I saw a film about programs in The Netherlands and Switzerland under which addicts are treatedContinue reading “A SAD GOOD-BYE TO PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN”