Review: A Mathematician’s Apology

In assessing his worth, Hardy writes, “A man who sets out to justify his existence and his activities has to distinguish between two different questions. The first is whether the work…is worth doing; and the second is why he does it, whatever its value may be.” Read More

Making Your Own Memorial

Those of you who knew Terry Stoeckert—his students, colleagues, friends, family, residents of our apartment house, where he lived for 40 years, know we lost a good, very smart, generous, and loving man. Read More

Christmases Past

  Christmas of 1965 was spent in Kfar Orah, Israel. It was an ordinary day, since everyone around me was Jewish. From the hill… Read More

My Four Rules for 2016

This afternoon I went to a restorative yoga session . Perhaps I was meant to be listening to my breath during the meditations, but instead I came out of it with four rules for the new year. Protect myself Do my job Seek moments in which to receive and to give kindness Seek new experiences In that order. Read More

Life without my husband

I’ve been married for six years. We’re both in our 70s and aware that we won’t be celebrating a 50th anniversary. With luck, a 20th. Read More

Technology update

The rules of romance are changing and our moral compasses are inching this way and that in order to accommodate these changes.  In another 50… Read More