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News & Book Reviews — Page 14

St. Mary's In Hoboken

By the time Mary Ellen arrived today I thought it was so old-fashioned to have a female nurse.

Weehawken Traffic Court

I’m an old white lady. They’re not going to shoot me, probably. But black men have been pulled over and subsequently shot for a malfunctioning headlight, or, like Trayvon Martin, for nothing at all.

Plagiarism — why I like it just a little bit

This is an unethical practice, but the business world is full of unethical practices. It is up to me to figure out a way to circumvent them.

BOOK REVIEW: A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara (finalist for the National Book Award)

The ultimate challenge is could you do what Jude’s friends did? The answer will almost always be no, but we try. We do the best we can. Yanagihara has set the bar impossibly high

Writing about other peoples' lives

Writing with the idea that “nobody will ever read it” would have been crippling. After publication, after a lawsuit has been filed, it’s too late to retract.

The World's Suicide Pacts

I ask myself what a person who wants to survive and thrive does in this suicidal world.

California Heaven

If you open up the lovely homes in the neighborhood, you’re likely to find people stuffed in there like clowns in a clown car, because the deformed tax system has made it impossible for young people to buy a home.

A Promise Is A Promise

I’ve been writing some short stories and essays, and one of them was published this week in The Raven’s Perch, a classy online literary journal.  Find it here These journals amaze me. It must be a great deal of work to review hundreds of submissions, and keep up the website and a mass of relatedContinue reading “A Promise Is A Promise”

Hillary and the melting ice packs

Hillary Clinton is weakened by leaning on the feminist crutch. Vladimir Putin won’t give a damn. The melting ice caps won’t give a damn either.