• My Four Rules for 2016

    My Four Rules for 2016

    This afternoon I went to a restorative yoga session . Perhaps I was meant to be listening to my breath during the meditations, but instead I came out of it with four rules for the new year. Protect myself Do my job Seek moments in which to receive and to give kindness Seek new experiences In that order. Read More
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  • Redefining compassion

    Redefining compassion

    we should rise above the adjectives “tolerant,” “polite,” and “courteous” to value the more nuanced and demanding virtue of compassion, and we must practice it with courage and consistency. Read More
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  • What's a Syrian mother to do?

    What's a Syrian mother to do?

    If I had left a bombed-out house and a home town reduced to rubble and had walked partway to Europe and spent my life's savings to pay a criminal to transport me across dangerous waters, I’d probably stay there and not try to come to the United States. Read More
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  • An alien in my own land

    An alien in my own land

    I liked how the principals of ALABAMA don’t even pretend to go to the gym. They are Everymen, and if you add the audience, it was an Everyman’s holiday. I’m more a Fulfill-Your-Individual-Potential person – a Yankee girl, not a “Dixie Dream” (as ALABAMA phrases it), clearly out of place. Read More
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