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News & Book Reviews — Page 13

BOOK REVIEW: Sweetbitter, by Stephanie Danler

I, the happy, hopeful, hippy cannot connect to this disjointed, disaffected, nihilist. Her goals trickle only so faintly outside of herself.

Toilets around the world

The champion toilet name is “The Great Niagara,” the name of my toilet in Athens, Greece in the 1960s.

Why Yoga?

The body is a giant signal of well-being, and doing yoga gives it a way to send that signal loud and clear.

REVIEW: Song of Solomon

We have never known characters who are quite like them, yet they stand there fully human. The story is a little bit like a dream or a nightmare, but it has blood .

BOOK REVIEW: The Hare with Amber Eyes

It is a unique kind of literature, written by a first-time author who is an artist to his fingertips but has probably never taken a writing course.


I doubt that Min Jin Lee began her book as a didactic exercise in tolerating prejudice and cruelty – there is way too much humanity in it for that, but we can use it to examine our own reactions to injustice.

The Third Reconstruction

The Rev. Barber does not tarry with the latest scandal, but uncovers the heart of the matt

BOOK REVIEW: The Subway Stops at Bryant Park

The soft endings to each story only emphasize that each life puffs in and out of the park, then moves on, while the park itself remains eternal, or as eternal as things can ever be in New York City.

Is Abortion a Women's Issue?

If one-third of American women have had an abortion, then one-third of American men have had one, too, and it’s time they spoke up.