• Writing and activism

    Writing and activism

    Some people march in demonstrations, or knock on their neighbors’ doors, or serve in soup kitchens; I write. I believe I should use some part of my abilities for the good of a larger community, and why not use my best developed talent? My blog Linguistics in the Writing Classroom is… Read More
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  • The Real World of Guns in the Classroom

    The Real World of Guns in the Classroom

    I’ve imagined a gun in my classroom.  Maybe held by the depressed student, or by the belligerent one who thinks I have graded him unfairly. Because I teach freshman writing, and students write their own stories in my class, I know better than other professors just how unstable freshmen are. Read More
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  • Husbands and crutches

    Husbands and crutches

    I just hobbled to my desk, hugging two crutches under my left arm so I could carry a mug of hot tea in my right hand.  I broke tiny bones in my foot and this is what I am reduced to. Fifteen years ago I badly sprained my ankle… Read More
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  • Commission a portrait?

    Commission a portrait?

    My playwright great great grandfather whose portrait hangs above my desk. Shall I commission a portrait? Who am I?  The Queen of England?   Meeting Mia, what she said.  I loved seeing her process, and it was fun. Meet my great great grandfather, Charles Gayler, a successful and… Read More
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  • Stories from the nursing home

    Stories from the nursing home

    I have to stop writing about the nursing home. People don’t want to read about them. Do they? I can’t promise this will be my last story from the nursing home,  but I can’t resist. I have been visiting my aunt in a spacious, sunny, clean, pleasant, friendly place… Read More
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  • Old love

    Old love

    Louis Begley had a lovely essay in the New York Times yesterday, on page 5 of the Sunday Review if you’re attached to the hard copy of the Times, called “Old Love” if you’re digital. He begins by remembering when he was 39 and wondering whether his beloved would still look beautiful to him when… Read More
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  • My few minutes of fame…

    My few minutes of fame…

    Discovery Channel is doing a program in collaboration with the Kinsey Institute about the sexual habits of Americans. What REALLY goes on in America’s bedrooms? My husband and I are representing the 70-year-old contingent, and went across the river to a hotel in lower Manhattan where a “studio” had… Read More
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  • The Abortion Decision: A Christian woman decides

    The Abortion Decision: A Christian woman decides

    The abortion decision of a religiously conservative woman is not simple.  This is a decision she will never be able to take back, so she will want to get it right.  For a woman raised in the uncompromisingly anti-abortion atmosphere of conservative Christianity and Catholicism, the number… Read More
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