• Nothing's Free After Sixty

    Nothing's Free After Sixty

    I was on the cover of a national magazine, eldr, in spring, 2008.  (This excellent magazine has since stopped publication.)  I am sitting back in the arms of an attractive man, and only a careful look reveals that I am wearing any clothes at all.  The website,, uses not… Read More
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  • Life's secrets

    Life's secrets

    “Do you mind me asking you something?” “No.  Go ahead.” “Do you have sex?” The woman asking me was about 45 years old, a friend of my younger daughter, who was standing right there.  My daughter had just told her that I was a newlywed, at 66. Read More
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  • Grandpa and Grandma need snuggles, too

    Grandpa and Grandma need snuggles, too

    My church asked me to teach their sex education curriculum.  It was difficult to find that fine line between telling too much and telling too little.  My two fellow teachers and I laughed with each other over the fiction we were creating that we knew enough about sex to… Read More
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  • Sleeping together

    Sleeping together

    In a bar watching the Giants win a game in the football playoffs, we were sitting at a table opposite a couple who were watching the television behind us, while we watched the television behind them.  She was never more than a few inches from him — his… Read More
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  • Precious love

    Precious love

    Love is precious, though many people don’t act as if it were. For all my adult life, I have sought love, and now I have found it. My definition of “love” might be different from yours – what I have sought is the completeness and serenity which comes when… Read More
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  • My legacy

    My legacy

    I have begun to think about my legacy.  Brooke Astor just died at 105, and if I live as long as she did (a dubious goal) I’ll have 40 more years, but not all of those years would be productive ones. My children are a big part of my… Read More
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  • Changing Names

    Changing Names

    I am getting married, for the third time. I swore I’d never marry again, but I adore my fiancé and have no intention of ever living without him. In the previous two marriages, I changed my name for practical purposes when I married.  I was getting annoyed with families… Read More
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  • Clinging to things

    Clinging to things

    I love my back yard. I’ve lived here alone for almost four years now, and my mother lived here for 40 years before that. I work every day at my desk, which looks out over the tops of the rhododendrons outside my office window onto the grass, the mass… Read More
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