• My book blog

    My book blog

    An intelligent, deep, experienced, and articulate author can take us outside of ourselves, and give us context.  More and more, it is only poets who can reach deep enough to pull me out of my self. Patrick Lane is a Canadian poet and writer.  What the Stones Remember: A… Read More
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  • Teddy Bears and Cossacks

    Teddy Bears and Cossacks

    “Every woman needs a teddy bear and a Cossack.”  A 70 year old old Danish woman friend quoted an even older Danish woman when I gave her the following riddle to solve. Both men are your age, mid-60’s. One man is always thinking of ways to please you. … Read More
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  • Love and The Plague

    Love and The Plague

    On Friday, I got a phone call from someone who said he was my son, though the voice was sepulchral, and barely audible.  He was sick.  “I’ll be up this afternoon,” I instantly said.  He and his wife are house parents at a sorority at Cornell.  Forty-six of the… Read More
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  • Recent failures

    Recent failures

    I’ve had a few recent failures. They’ve left a sour taste. Here’s one. Nick’s profile showed a handsome, white-haired, fit man with an engaging smile. He was a writer/teacher, like me (a double-edged sword), and stated that he wanted a woman who was not bitter or angry, which implied… Read More
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  • Dominant submission/Submissive dominance

    Dominant submission/Submissive dominance

    My friend Howard likes to be tied up. Or down. He explained, “I spend my days telling people what to do, and when I have sex, I don’t want to have to make any choices.” We were fond of each other, respected each other, but were ill-matched for romance. I… Read More
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  • Conservative values

    Conservative values

    “I have conservative values,” said M’s profile. What does that mean? I begin by thinking this person doesn’t like gay people, single mothers, and people on welfare, tries to limit his sex life, and is a Republican. I asked M. what he meant by that, and he answered that he… Read More
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  • Doing Nothing

    Doing Nothing

    I spent New Year’s Eve sitting cozily in bed reading a book, Saving Fish From Drowning, by Amy Tan. It was lovely. New Year’s Day I went to a Danish friend’s house to join her family for a Danish smorgasbord. That was lovely too. A year ago I would have… Read More
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  • Every woman's dream man.

    Every woman's dream man.

    Women dream of men like Bill.  He is tall, thin, good looking, competent and capable (and thoroughly solvent).  He can dance.  Strength, courage, decisiveness, discretion, insight, generosity, tolerance, loyalty, optimism, appreciation and understanding of others, discipline, manliness, love of sex.  He has a slight New York accent, a degree from… Read More
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  • The harder they fall….

    The harder they fall….

    Celibacy corrupts. A man contacted me yesterday. He knew how to spell, which is alway a surprise on the internet, and was eloquent and amusing, cultured and clear. We wrote of our families, our careers, our travels, in a literate way. I was interested. I spent too much of… Read More
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