• Love as Luxury

    Love as Luxury

    Is love a luxury? Last summer a man I liked “poof” disappeared, leaving me grumpy and sad, so I responded to a married man who wanted company at the theatre. He said he and his wife had drifted way, way apart, and they had renegotiated their marriage contract,… Read More
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  • Dating Married Men:  What Are the Rules?

    Dating Married Men: What Are the Rules?

    Maybe the institution of marriage is failing. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and many of the rest of them aren’t in good shape. The institution as a whole deserves re-thinking, and the rules surrounding it deserve re-thinking. Should I observe the conventional rules and… Read More
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  • What's a butt massage?

    What's a butt massage?

    I’m a good swimmer. Not the fastest one, but my form is excellent. I waste little motion. My body stays on a steady forward trajectory, I stretch all my moving parts, and there is little splashing. One day a man who was toweling himself off at the side of the… Read More
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