• Teenagers Dating in Austria

    Teenagers Dating in Austria

    The sexual landscape in Austria is interesting. It seems quite typical of several European countries, but I have recently had the opportunity to hear about that particular country on an extended visit there. Birth control supplies are discounted for young people up to the age of 21, then they… Read More
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  • My North Carolina, and Why I Am Not Surprised

    My North Carolina, and Why I Am Not Surprised

    The guiding principle is to emphasize the positive, but today I am not inclined to do so, because that would not reflect my experience. Every once in a while you have to move past “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I am… Read More
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  • Tragedy all around

    Tragedy all around

    Yoga evens you out and strengthens you, but more importantly, meditation (which simply means sitting there and breathing) invites strength and balance to deal with tragedy and pessimism. So what is the pessimism of the day?  Global warming, which threatens our very existence, the unexpected accidental death of an… Read More
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  • Being Poor

    Being Poor

    According to Charles Blow’s article in The New York Times this morning ,“…the No. 1 reason people gave for our continuing poverty crisis was: ‘Too much welfare that prevents initiative.’” I’ll bet you never thought I had come close to welfare, with my two M.A.’s, a couple of successful… Read More
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  • Babies without daddies

    Babies without daddies

    My doctor is pregnant. She’s a thin, elegant dermatologist who went through a bitter divorce and custody battle that lasted long after her separation from her husband. She had seemed strung out over the whole thing, and I was surprised to find her pregnant again. It turns out that… Read More
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  • Report from Austria: Cruising the Danube

    Report from Austria: Cruising the Danube

    Our always generous Viennese friend rented a boat to cruise the Danube for a day. A former colleague of his, an ex-bank president now in retirement who is licensed “to go around the world if I wanted,” piloted it. There were six adults and five children, and each of the… Read More
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  • Report from Austria:  The Cloud

    Report from Austria: The Cloud

    I brought a box of soap to my Austrian friends as a hospitality gift.  It was found in a drawer in my aunt’s house, which I have recently cleared out after her move into an assisted living facility. The box is of fine black, durable, shiny cardboard, is about a… Read More
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  • Report from Marseilles

    Report from Marseilles

    There were hundreds, hundreds, more than I have ever seen, of sailing boats and other boats in the marina in the middle of Marseilles’s downtown, a sign of enormous wealth and privilege. But the rest of the city was disturbing.  More than once I was jostled… Read More
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  • Digital Slaves – The Discipline of Money

    Digital Slaves – The Discipline of Money

    I’m reading a book, Who Owns the Future?, by the “father of virtual reality,” Jeron Lanier. His starting point is stated in the “prelude.” “…digital networking ought to promote a two-way transaction, in which you benefit, concretely, with real money….  I want digital networking to cause more value… Read More
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