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Recording my book

In the 1990s I commuted into New York City on the bus. Several times a week my seatmate was Roy Yokelson, an Emmy-winning sound engineer, owner of Antland Productions.  We saw each other through some rough times.  Roy calls me his “therapist,” and I feel the same about him.  When I moved to the next townContinue reading “Recording my book”

Digital Slaves – The Discipline of Money

I’m reading a book, Who Owns the Future?, by the “father of virtual reality,” Jeron Lanier. His starting point is stated in the “prelude.” “…digital networking ought to promote a two-way transaction, in which you benefit, concretely, with real money….  I want digital networking to cause more value from people to be on the books,Continue reading “Digital Slaves – The Discipline of Money”