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When I was dating online, when every first date was a blind date, nothing confused the feminist in me more than the moment when the bill came. Was the man responsible for the bill by default? If a man considered a woman equally responsible for the bill, did that suggest he considered her his equalContinue reading “HOW TO DECIDE WHO PAYS ON AN ONLINE DATE.”

Protective apps for college (and other) women

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that college women be provided with alarm systems which would easily and unobtrusively notify authorities or friends that she was in distress. My husband did some research and found that apps already exist which do this. I haven’t tried any of these, but they seem cleverly designed, and some are free of charge.

Protecting freshmen women from rape

The rape statistics for young women in college aren’t getting any better, no matter how much awareness we raise. So we have to think of ways to protect our young women, and not wait for the potential rapists to change. It is not “liberating” to push unprepared young women into places where they have no protection. Rape is devastating, whether it happens to a man or a woman, but the campus problem concerns mostly young women.

Life Without My Husband, Day 8

My husband Terry is on a three-week Australian road trip with his best friend, and I took this opportunity to spend a weekend of retreat at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. There were mostly women there, which got me thinking. A recent radio science program featured a segment about how the male chromosome is sheddingContinue reading “Life Without My Husband, Day 8”

Teddy Bears and Cossacks

“Every woman needs a teddy bear and a Cossack.”  A 70 year old old Danish woman friend quoted an even older Danish woman when I gave her the following riddle to solve. Both men are your age, mid-60’s. One man is always thinking of ways to please you.  He is generous, affectionate, remembers your birthday,Continue reading “Teddy Bears and Cossacks”