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How I Feel About the End of the World

I heard last night on Bill Maher’s show that Jacques Cousteau predicted that the oceans would be dead in the lifetimes of some people then alive. A UN committee tells us that we’d better get moving or we won’t survive. I’m beginning to take global warming seriously. The pathos of it grips me from timeContinue reading “How I Feel About the End of the World”

Life Without My Husband: The Weekend

While my husband Terry was in Australia, I was at Kripalu for the weekend.  There were yoga classes, meditations, a wild noon dance, an evening concert, and fresh food of a larger variety than we usually eat. The view of a constantly mutating lake and folds of distant mountains was magnificent. What I loved mostContinue reading “Life Without My Husband: The Weekend”

Life Without My Husband – Day Two

I had trouble getting to sleep on my first night alone, but once there, I slept longer than usual.  I forget — were queen-sized beds meant for two people or only one? My childhood friend Suzy’s parents had two queen-sized beds. All the parents I knew had twin beds separated by a little table, justContinue reading “Life Without My Husband – Day Two”

The humility of aging

For my husband’s 70th birthday I had dressed to please him, even wearing heels.  The waiters at NoMad had spoiled us silly, and now we were at the intermission of 700 Sundays, Billy Crystal’s one-man show on Broadway. The evening was going perfectly. At intermission I headed toward the ladies room on our balcony level.Continue reading “The humility of aging”

Babies without daddies

My doctor is pregnant. She’s a thin, elegant dermatologist who went through a bitter divorce and custody battle that lasted long after her separation from her husband. She had seemed strung out over the whole thing, and I was surprised to find her pregnant again. It turns out that she is the third of myContinue reading “Babies without daddies”

Losing connections

We are renting a condominium right on the water at Sea Ranch, about 150 miles above San Francisco. I have been going to sleep when I get tired instead of when a particular television program ends, usually about 9:30 or 10:00. In the early morning, I turn over in my bed and look at theContinue reading “Losing connections”

Our Children Are Not Our Children

This is a photograph of my grandchildren looking out on the Pacific Ocean. They have their backs to us, and that is appropriate.  As Kahlil Gibran writes in his poem On Children: Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. …….. You may house their bodiesContinue reading “Our Children Are Not Our Children”

Thank you, Maggie Smith

The best thing about Downton Abbey is Maggie Smith. For me, it goes farther than simply appreciating a skillful, wily acting job. She has become my role model for getting old. Seeing Jane Fonda, all slick and slim, depresses me. Yes, I could do that with unlimited financial resources and unlimited appetite for slimness, whichContinue reading “Thank you, Maggie Smith”